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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies?

We work with you to help you achieve the specific goals that you have for your business. Our process sets you up for success. From bringing in consistent leads, getting them booked in, setting up follow up and nurture campaigns we make sure no lead is wasted.

How does our lead gen system work?

Our system is simple. We run a Facebook/Instagram ads campaign to bring in qualified leads and send them to either a custom built landing page to match your brand, or to a Facebook lead form. From there the contact details of each new lead are stored in our CRM. Since time-to-lead is so important when it comes to ads, we integrate automated SMS texts to engage the lead straight away and drive them towards booking an appointment or a call. Of course, before we set this all up we make sure to understand your business's process when it comes to bookings and payments as to provide the most efficient path to save you time and money.

What integrations or features does your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) offer?

Our CRM platform is equipped with a wide range of integrations and features to streamline your customer interactions and enhance productivity. Our CRM empowers you to manage contacts, track interactions / messages across all socials in one place, and nurture relationships effectively. Plus, with seamless integration capabilities with popular tools and platforms, you can centralize your workflow and drive greater efficiency across your organization.

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